Paypal is unusable.

I logged in to cancel a subscription I have to a dating web site for apple nerds called Cupidtino lol… And when I got to the subscription page I was presented with inaccurate and confusing messages.

Please confirm your subscription details below. To update your funding source, change your funding source information and click “Update Information”. To cancel your subscription, click “Cancel Subscription.”

The site clearly states, “To cancel your subscription, click Cancel Subscription.” Easy enough? Well, there is no “Cancel Subscription” link on that page. Just a link that says simply, “Cancel.”

When I click “Cancel” I am presented with this dialog box:

You’re about to cancel this profile: You can’t reactivate canceled customer profiles. Do you still want to cancel it?

I’m not sure if I want to cancel this profile - If I do, will it cancel my SUBSCRIPTION? What is a PROFILE, PayPal!?? And why are you telling me to look for a “Cancel Subscription” button, if there is none to be found? I searched the page, command+F like I usually do when I suspect foul play, folks. Something fishy is definitely going on here.

PayPal handles the bulk of online financial transactions, yet they can’t even give simple instructions to their users to accomplish important tasks. This is not the first time I’ve found myself in that situation on PayPal’s web site. I’ve looked to find answers in their help section, and PayPal has told me to complete certain things, click on different links, etc. Nearly 90% of the time, the instructions were incorrect.

This needs to be handled. I can understand the documentation being off if the site has been updated, but I don’t understand a clear notice on a page telling me to click on a non-existent link.

RULE #1 PEOPLE! Don’t lead your users on a wild goose chase. Also, if you make as much money as PayPal does, hire someone with some common sense to organize your site.

UPDATE: I went ahead and canceled my “Customer Profile” for Cupidtino, and sure enough I got this message:

This profile has been canceled and cannot be reactivated. No more recurring payments will be made.

I didn’t realize my subscription was called a “profile”, I guess it must be obvious to the programmer who has been tasked with writing error messages in between figuring out complicated algorithms and database schemas. Don’t you know, programmers don’t speak human?

At least no more recurring payments will be made. Mission accomplished.