Optimizing Second Screen Engagement, #SESNY Notes

@joell, VP Global Brand Strategy, Twitter

Twitter is the second screen

  • Born mobile
  • Intersection of SMS and Status Updates
  • 85% primary use on the phone
  • Mobile users engage more on twitter

    • 66% more likely to retweet
    • 44% more likely to click on links
    • People more likely to follow via mobile
  • Twitter is a front row seat

  • tweet additional content to offset live events / broadcasts

Twitter is the shortest distance between @you and what #interestsyoumost

Twitter is TV’s Social Soundtrack

  • Twitter is the EKG of attention on TV
  • 66% are using twitter on phone while watching TV
  • 33% of those are tweeting
  • 95% of all conversation about TV happens on twitter
  • Nielsen Twitter TV Rating metric will be based on twitter data
  • Hashtags make television more relevant

Using hashtags in campaigns

  1. Let users contribute to the message
  2. Give a call to action
  3. Twitter amplifies your message

Real time brands

  1. Blackouts from the super bowl

    • Oreo LIVE blackout ad
    • Calvin Klein used vine during blackout
    • GE, Feb 11, Invention day, had everyone tweet out their ideas for an invention and they said they would build it
    • This guy tweeted about @Nike, nike responded.
    • AMEX: Tweet for savings, buy with a tweet (special hashtag)

      • sync.americanexpress.com/twitter
    • Bonobos Pants, tweets to unlock lower prices

      • $65 pants for 65 retweets, 1200% ROI
    • Big Bird tweet during debate when Romney said he would get rid of big bird had a huge response, great awareness for PBS

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