Social TV, Notes from #SESNY

The following are my personal notes from the SES Conference 2013 in New York, #sesny

Keynote - Social TV, @McProulx

  • People do Google searches while watching TV
  • 22% of mobile searches are while watching TV
  • Majority prompted by TV Commercials

Twitter TV experience, instant feedback to live tv

What is TV in 2013?

  1. Television

    • Device agnostic: TV sets, laptops, iPad, etc
    • original content bypassing TV networks - Netflix, hulu, etc
    • 40% of tablet or smartphone owners are using their device while watching TV

      • zeebox, 2nd screen app, adds live content and info while you watch
  2. Belief + Behavior

    • TV is dying

      • Not true, more people are watching tv than ever

      • Most people don’t watch TV live (DVR)

        • 87% of broadcast TV content is watched live
      • 93% of cable tv is watched live
      • 41% of DVR TV is never watched

      • Most people watch other devices while watching TV

        • 77% of people on devices while watching TV
      • 78% of those are looking at unrelated content

      • Social Media helps ratings

        • There is a correlation between ratings and twitter activity during TV shows
      • Television is traditional media? TV is new media.

  3. Brands

    • March madness: NCAA partnered w twitter and turner broadcasting to show short clips, instant replays, on the march madness twitter account.
    • Fashion star: integrated brands and storylines into the content of the show, judges are buyers at the brands. Everything bought on the show you can buy in stores and online the next day.
    • Lincoln Motor Car: Share stories on twitter, bring the stories to life and the super bowl TV ad was based on a tweet. Jimmy fallon gave tweets behind the scenes during the filming. Generated buzz before broadcast, with only thousands of people tweeting.
    • Verizon FIOS: Ask real people questions. Putting supposed real FIOS customers @names in commercials.
    • Psych: 100th episode, dunkin donuts partnered w USA network to vote for the ending of the TV show murder mystery live. “Voting powered by dunkin donuts”
    • Oreo: Instagram, creating your instagram photos out of cookie and cream. Got 20K followers on instagram in 15 seconds. Sent “You can still dunk in the dark” when the lights went out, got there instantly and got 20K retweets.

Enrich vs. Hijack: should brands that are not advertisers with the TV broadcast be a part of the backchannel conversation?