Creative Content Marketing - Winning Hearts, Minds & Wallets, Notes from #SESNY

Creative Content Marketing - Winning Hearts, Minds & Wallets, @LeeOdden

Content Marketing Myths

  1. Content marketing simply means creating more content
  2. quality content is not sustainable
  3. a content object has only one life

Content Marketing Maturity Model

  1. Stand

    • Curiosity
    • Not investing resources
  2. Stretching

    • Experiment
    • Evaluate
  3. Walking

    • Developed content strategy
    • Processes
    • Resources in/out
  4. Jog

    • Culture of content publisher
    • Diversity of distribution
  5. Running

    • Monetizing marketing content
    • Make money by putting ads also

Get Creative

  • Infographic Novel

  • What’s missing?

    • How will it be promoted?
    • Can you really count on “Going Viral”?
  • Creative needs promotion:

    • publicized on blogs and media
    • optimized for social and search
    • make it relevant & top in serps

Great content isn’t really great unless it gets found, consumed and shared.

  • Winning Content Examples

    •, marketoonist

      • can use for free in your blog if you link back.
      • clever way for building syndication

      •, general mills

        • Collection of recipes
      • Optimizing, however LEADING with creative
      • Optimizing for experiences
      • Promoting content on Pinterest, youtube, twitter, etc
      • Widgets on site that highlight most interactive content

        • most commented
        • highest rated
        • most read

          • Payoff

            • General mills products are in the recipes
        • House ads as well
        • offer coupons to drive store traffic

Create content that’s so good that you can sell ads on them and monetize them in a different way, as well as your primary goal

Customer preferences

  • How they discover content
  • How they consume content
  • How they act on your content

Optimize 360 Model: Create content that has the following

  1. Attract: don’t push
  2. Engage: optimize for experience
  3. Convert: optimize conversion, add tasks

    • sign up
    • share
    • buy

Optimize across the customer lifecycle

  • Persona: Who your customer is
  • Values: Things your customer cares about
  • Content: Develop Topics, Keywords, Media & Channel for that persona

Sales Cycle

  1. Awareness
  2. Interest
  3. Consideration
  4. Purchase
  5. Retention
  6. Advocacy

Discover what channels are the customer’s values best expressed for each part of the lifecycle.

How to come up with creative ideas

  1. Visualize Trends

    • // Export CSV, bring in to wordle to visualize
    • Google keywords // Export CSV, wordle
    • Majestic seo anchor text, what language are the most authoritative sites are using that are winning in our industry
    • // Export CSV, wordle
    • // Export CSV, wordle
    • // see what people care about, wordle
  2. Your Site

    • Onsite search (logged queries GA)
    • Form textarea analysis (Most commonly occurring words in textareas from forms on your site)
    • ? Queries in analytics
    • Google Webmaster Tools, look at phrases that are most often showing up, link data, impressions
  3. Frontline Staff

    • Sales
    • Customer Service
    • BCC FAQs to the content team
  4. Become a Publisher

    • Serve your audience
    • Research Editorial Calendars & Media Kits, review planned stories
    • Research Magazines: Recurring Features, Themes, Short Form, Long Form
    • Newspapers: Timely, Objective, Sensational
    • Television: Storytelling, Recaps, Previews
    • Be Sensational
    • If you want to get in the media, become the media
    • Borrow ideas from the media in your industry
  5. Customer Journey

    • Understand customer pain points and map against buying cycle

Facts tell, but Stories SELL

  • 4 Content types for Brand Storytelling

    1. Evergreen Content
      • Timeless content, awesome for SEO
      • Always relevant, lives in a relevant way for a long time
      • Lots of shares, lots of traffic
    2. Repurposed
      • Modular content
      • Take key concepts and bring them across different channels
        • Youtube
        • Blog
        • Flickr
        • Ex. Post a video to youtube, then embed in your blog, take screen shots of the videos and put it on flickr, transcribe the text from video and make a blog post, scribd, slideshare, facebook updates, tweets etc.
    3. Curated
      • Being the best answer for something by aggregating resources
      • Adding short commentary
    4. Co-Created
      • Co-created content on Google Docs
    • Co-created E-Books
      • Tapped in to thought leaders
      • lots of promotion

Content Plan Template

29 Secrets About Content Marketing

  1. Attract

    • Social Networks
    • Direct social messages
    • email
    • blog
    • search
  2. Engage

    • PDF
    • Slideshare
    • Long form interviews
    • Planned Repurposing on different channels
  3. Convert

    • Planning, relationships, and creativity

Its not just about customers

  • Henry Ford said “If i listened to my customers, we’d still be riding horses”


  • Great content isn’t great until its discovered consumer and shared
  • Facts tell, stories sell.
  • Brand leadership + customer empathy & creativity = content marketing results.

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