1140 Fluid Starkers Wordpress Theme

UPDATE: This is very, VERY old. Check out Hoverboard. This starter theme based on Bootstrap is something I’ve been working on for a couple of years with Jason Lengstorf and it’s pretty fantastic. Please ignore what’s written below.

I’m a huge fan of Elliot Jay Stocks’ Starkers Wordpress Theme, and an even bigger fan of the 1140 CSS Grid, the absolutely fantastical fluid down to mobile grid framework. Today I needed them to marry and have a child, and this is what came of it:

         WP Engine

I’m not really providing any documentation because both are pretty well documented. Derived from Elliot Jay Stocks’ Starkers Theme (http://starkerstheme.com/) and the 1140 CSS Grid (http://cssgrid.net/).

Click here to download now!

Twitter for Mac - Enable Macheist Features with Terminal

$ defaults write com.twitter.twitter-mac ScrollingMakesKeyAndOrdersFront -bool true
$ defaults write com.twitter.twitter-mac UserTimelineDerepeater -bool true
$ defaults write com.twitter.twitter-mac TypeAnywhereToTweet -bool true
$ defaults write com.twitter.twitter-mac HideInBackground -bool true
$ defaults write com.twitter.twitter-mac ESCClosesComposeWindow -bool true
$ defaults write com.twitter.twitter-mac NormalComposeWindowLevel -bool false

Paypal is unusable.

I logged in to cancel a subscription I have to a dating web site for apple nerds called Cupidtino lol… And when I got to the subscription page I was presented with inaccurate and confusing messages.

Please confirm your subscription details below. To update your funding source, change your funding source information and click “Update Information”. To cancel your subscription, click “Cancel Subscription.”

Playing Chicken: Rent Check vs. Noise my car is making

I’m sitting around waiting for my car to get checked out. Since I’m waiting for a slow PayPal withdrawal to arrive in my bank account, I hope that this doesn’t become horrifically expensive.

My car sounds like it needs a new engine, a new interior, exterior, body style, tires, and wheels. And stereo. I want a Camaro.

My current car is a light blue Toyota Camry; the most beautiful of all the Toyotas. It is epic and wonderful, a masterpiece of a car.

See how cool that car is? It actually looks really cool in this picture, in reality it looks like it belongs to a retired Florida octogenarian.


A Recovering Addict at SXSW Interactive

This weekend in Austin, Texas - I had an incredible experience. Being the way I am - I always wonder, “Do I fit in?”

The SXSW 2010 Interactive Festival was my kind of party. I’m from Fort Lauderdale, and interacting with the web community in South Florida is like trying to find an alligator in New York City (I apologize for the swamp reference - but I do live in an area with a shit ton of reptiles and mosquitoes, its not just a stereotype… its real MUHAHAHHA).

So what did I learn? First and foremost, I learned that I HAVE TO TWEET. I am a late adopter of Twitter, yet my colleagues seem to think there’s something behind this Twizzler thing (see Arnie Wexler’s Blog for clarification).